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Ayurveda treatment in sree krishnaAyurveda treaatments in sreekrishna

The Sreekrishna hospital is specialized in the treatment of diseases that are prevalent in highly developed parts of the world as well as in developing countries. Most diseases in our times are due to poor eating habits, emotional stress and psychological pressures. The treatment focuses on creating an awareness of the fundamental nature of digestion. Patients will experience an improvement of their health by changing their diets.

Diseases which have been treated very effectively are joint diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic diseases, eating disorders, diabetes, skin diseases, gastrointestinal and menstrual disorders, sleeping disorders and insomnia, respiratory diseases, mental stress, burn out, obesity, infertility, toxic conditions in the body and many more.

Individual Treatments at SreeKrishna

At Sreekrishna Hospital the patients receive individual treatment programs according to their diseases and the time they can spent at the centre from two weeks up to two months and more. For consultation and treatment basic school english is sufficient. The institution is best suited for those who wish to heal ailments, purify (Panchakarma) and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit.

The Sreekrishna Hospital provides a personalized environment where patients receive not only Ayurvedic treatments but practice a daily regimen that supports their recovery and healing and improves their quality of life going forward.


According to Ayurveda, human body is made up of three Doshas(humors), seven Dhatus(tissues) & their Upadhatus(subtissues) and malas (metabolic waste produacts). Every organ & system in human body is developed in mothers womb by interaction of defferent doshas on dhatus & malas. And after birth it is the same doshas which are responsible for the normal functioning of these organs. Dhatus & malas replaces the dying cells of the body. So any disease in human body is due to imbalance of Doshas, which produces changes in Dhatus & malas, resulting in structural or functional abnormalities in the organs.

Changes in the climatic condetions, improper usage of your sensory organs (eyes, nose, ear, tounge & skin), and improper physical, verbal or mental activities are the common causes of these imbalances.Finding out the different causitive factors involved in your case through case study and examination of your body is the first step. Avoiding further usage of imbalancing factors or modifying them is half treatment. Without this real healing is never possible. Providing food & life style which corrects this imbalance is the second step.If there are exessive imbalanced Doshas in your body we have to take it out.

If there is depletion of Dosha we have to build it up.This is the third step. AYURVEDA HAS UNIQUE TREATMENT METHODS CALLED PANCHAKARMA(five eliminative therapies). THIS IS REALLY UNIQUE METHOD OF TAKING OUT EXESSIVE IMBALANCED DOASHAS FROM YOUR BODY. Inducing vomitting, purgation,medicinal enemas,eliminating doshas through nasal medication and blood letting are the five treaments whcih are known as Panchakarma. YOUR BODY HAS TO BE PREPARED THROUGH INTERNAL & EXTERNAL OLEATION FOLLOWED BY FOMENTATION BEFORE THIS.Defferent physical therapies like defferent massages, baths, poultices are done along with internal herbal medicines, latter to correct imbalance of tissues.This is the fourth step. THese four steps we do here. And when you go back we will give medications for another month which rejuvinates your body & mind.

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