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The Sreekrishna hospital is specialized in the treatment of diseases that are prevalent in highly developed parts of the world as well as in developing countries.

"Three weeks ago we came to Sreekrishna Ayurveda Chikitsa Kendram for Ayurvedic Treatment. We could find here a very clean treatment atmosphere.
It was a great pleasure to have the treatment especially the massages personally administered by Dr. Vijith. Dr Vijith is a very good Scholar in Ayurveda, leads an ayurvedic life, passionate and always friendly and happy. 
We are proud to recommend people from India and abroad to this centre for ayurvedic treatment We wish Dr.Vijith all the best wishes"

OA Dr. Sebastian Mathew (Austria)

"Dr.Vijith's vision is to offer the refinement of Ayurvedic healing in an atmosphere of love and joy. He and his staff are giving this gift in a beautiful way. It was completely relaxing, very uplifting and deep experience. 
I would surely recommend my friends to come at Sreekrishna Ayurveda Chikitsa Kendram. "
Carmen Loderus (Celebrity Model, USA)

"Dr. Vijith,
You have the ability to bring joy in poeple's life. One day god will say "thank you" to you. And now it is time for me to say "thank you" and see you again. And hopefully the other lovely people at yor place, too."
-Frank Hartmann (Germany)

" dear Dr. Vijith, Dr. Vidya and all other angels around,
The way we walked was not easy all the time. Heaviness has gone and healing happened. Thank you for this deep moving experience."
Claudia & Michael

"Dearest Dr. Vijith and Dr. Vidya,
Thank you so much for opening your heart and giving me so much love, energy and wisdom. I feel healthy on every level. This was a life changing experience and I will be eternally grateful. Thank you for your generosity. Blessings to you. Love always. See you next year."

"Dear Dr. Vijith,
I am appreciative of all the knowledge you shared. ayurveda is my life and learning te classical texts is even more important to me now after your brilliant classes."
De Anna Batdorff, Dhyana center of Health Science (USA)

"physically mentally and spiritually you opened my eyes and enlightened me to the eternal bliss that is in my future for which i am always and forever grateful. Thank you."

"To all the doctors and staff,
I want to thank you for all of your support and assisstance over the past few weeks, to Dr. Vijith and Dr. Vidya. My soul is eternally grateful for all that you have done for me over this past few years. I wish you all the best and happiness and peace for this lifetime and all the rest to follow.
with love"

"Dear Dr Vijith and everyone here,
I found this place very peaceful, heart warming and comfortable. Everyone here are very friendly and has nice smile. Everyday I enjoyed the bird sounds... I could hear them 24 hrs which made me very relaxed. Thank you very much for giving m veery nice treatments and also opening the way of thinking things in a good way. I could detox my body and mind. And also I am looking forward to detox more, even after leaving this place... I would love to come back again in future....!!ONCE AGAIN I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU TO YOU AND EVERYONE HERE..
Big love,"
Lilian, Model, (Japan)