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Medicine ManufacturingAyurveda treaatments in sreekrishna

Most of the medicines that are used for patients at Sreekrishna are prepared on location. They are all based on the ancient Ayurvedic texts and formulas. The herbs that are used are grown in the beautiful gardens of the clinic. This has tremendous advantages. The medicines and remedies are always fresh and authentic and can be customized to each patientís individual needs and requirements. In addition to this, valuable experience is gained when it comes to the actual effect of ancient prescriptions. Students and internees are provided with a unique opportunity to learn about Ayurvedic pharmacology and medicine preparation.


The process is completed by preparing the medicines with appropriate rituals, love and dedication. This enhances the healing effects of the final products: remedies for body, mind and soul. A beautiful illustration of the outstanding and rare-to-find facilities of Sreekrishna.

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