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ConsultationAyurveda treaatments in sreekrishna

Within Ayurveda the consultation with the patient is extremely important. The consultation is rather a process, than a short intake. During this time the physician needs to get all the necessary and vital information from the patient, in order to determine the course of treatment. The questions asked during the consultation allow the doctor to learn about the patients history, possible causes of disease, the way the disease has developed, the manner in which it manifests at the present time, the kinds of complaints the patient may have and the relief the patient is seeking. Within authentic Ayurveda, consultation is an art that can be compared to the work of a detective, or an engineering research. To determine with minute precision the needs, care and support a body may require.

Every human being has an All Knowing Soul. To access the Soul is very important in the process of real healing. The Ayurvedic physician knows how to get in touch with the heart, or the Soul of the patient. Thus, a consultation becomes an act of worship, a sacred moment of connecting the Souls, both the patients and the physicians.

For this reason the Ayurvedic physician spends a lot of time during the consultation to inquire about your eating habits, digestion, elimination, joints, sleep, energy, etc. These are all very important points to let him know how your body is working and how the ‘managers’ of your body are doing their job. Within Ayurveda these ‘managers’ are seen as threefold. They are called the Three Doshas. Their function is to uphold and maintain the body and its balance. They can very well get disturbed and go the wrong way. This is mainly due to certain life styles, stress and eating habits. When this happens, clear signals are given about where they go wrong and are ‘losing’ it. During the consultation the signals of the Three Doshas – gross and subtle – are discovered and interpreted by the physician. This gives him important clues on how to determine the right course of action when it comes to treatments, remedies and diet adjustments.

Disease is not a static thing, but rather a process which is always developing and changing. For this reason the initial consultation make take several hours. During the period of treatment there is a daily update – or short consultation. This allows the physician to monitor the patients process and make adjustments when necessary.

Extreme care, devotion and time is given to this authentic way of consulting with the patient at Sreekrishna Ayurveda Chikitsa Kendram.